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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ultimate Stop Snoring Solution

Rose knows there are many stop snoring devices on the market today, but the Ultimate Stop Snoring Solution offers  anti-snoring mouthpieces that you can get online without having to see a dentist.  First let’s talk about the reasons why your partner may be snoring.

What are the causes of snoring?  If you are sleeping next to a snorer, not only can your partner have health issues that cause him to snore, you can also develop health issues because you are waking up during the night to turn your partner over. This might give you enough time to fall back to sleep before they start to snore again. If your snoring partner also stops breathing for a few seconds to a minute, they could have sleep apnea which needs medical attention.  On the other hand, if they appear to breathe normally you should consider the following reasons that is causing them to snore.

Congestion in the nose due to a dry room, cold or allergies can cause a person to snore.  You might consider a humidifier to keep the air moist.  Allergies cause a person’s adenoids and tonsils to swell.  Removing their tonsils and adenoids could alleviate their snoring. Antihistamines like Benadryl, sleep aides, alcohol and exposure to secondhand smoke could actually worsen their condition.

If your partner is overweight, the extra fat and skin in their neck will put pressure on their airway which can cause breathing to become more difficult.  This is why people that are overweight tend to snore or on their back then when they are on their side.  Laying on their side will cut down the vertical pressure on their airway. Get your partner on a diet, if they just lose 20% of the fat this will help.

Not only will removing swollen tonsils and adenoids help a person to stop snoring, some snore because they have a deviated septum.  A deviated septum prevents them from breathing normally.  An Ears, Nose and Throat specialist will help determine if this might be the problem.  If they do not perform the surgery, they will recommend a cosmetic surgeon to do the procedure.

Some sleep aides that people find to help lessen snoring are; a memory foam pillow to help stabilize the neck, nasal strips, throat sprays and anti-snoring mouth pieces. An anti-snoring mouth piece will move your lower jaw forward and help your partner to breathe better.  If you consider purchasing a mouth piece on line make sure you are getting a device that is based on your partner’s bite.  If he/she has an over or underbite a one-size-fits all will not help them. 

That is why the Ultimate Stop Snoring Solution is recommended because it is based on a person’s bite which will place your lower jaw in the best comfortable forward position. Not only will this device help with snoring it also facilitates those with sleep apnea, TMJ and teeth grinding.  When ordering online, follow their guidelines to determine which anti-snoring device is best for your partner needs.  Isn’t it time for the both of you to get a good night sleep?
Good Day,
Rose Sheepskill


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Stacey Lang said...

If your own efforts to stop snoring do not help, consult your physician or an otolaryngologist (an ear, nose, and throat doctor, otherwise known as an ENT). If you choose to try a snoring mouthpiece for your snoring, you will need to see a dentist specializing in this device.

Richard C. Lambert said...

First let’s talk about the reasons why your partner may be snoring. snore mouthpiece reviews