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Monday, March 1, 2010

Nightmares? Get a Solid Headboard | Feng Shui Bedroom Dos and Don'ts

Rose knows there are Dos and Don't when it comes to the position of your bed with Feng Shui. She found this information on http://www.bocafengshui.com/fengshuibedroomarticle.html.

Death Position (your body in direct line with bedroom door so you could be dragged by your feet out the door.) Big Feng Shui Bedroom Don't!

Bed right up against a toilet on other side of wall or toilet directly above or below bed on another floor of the house or in another apartment (bad for your health.) Another Big Feng Shui Bedroom Don't!

Your body in direct line with the bathroom door. Again, a Big Feng Shui Bedroom Don't! If there is a bathroom door, close it when you are sleeping to protect you from negative energy. If there is no door,
hang a 30 mm Hanging Crystal, or use a
Negative Energy Blocker on the floor to block the negative energy from the bathroom.

Head of your bed under or up against a window. This position is preferable to the previous positions, but it can make you feel insecure or unsafe. To offset the security issues, use a bed with a solid headboard.

Storing items under your bed. Another Huge Feng Shui Bedroom Don't! Energy needs to flow around you while you sleep and if you store anything under your bed the energy is obstructed and your sleep is disturbed and your energy will be depleted. Additionally, anything you store under your bed can affect your sleep. If you keep negatively associated items like divorce paperwork or bankruptcy papers under your bed you might be having nightmares about your troubles. Take all these things out from under your bed. Even better, get them out of your bedroom. Do not sleep with your troubles.

Storing items over your bed. Yet Another Large Feng Shui Bedroom Don't! Things physically hanging over your head symbolically represent life problems 'hanging over your head.' You may also have difficulty sleeping because you have a fear, that you may be unaware of, that something might fall on your head. Children are most
susceptible to that. This is why it is important not to have shelves, book cases, toys, heavy items that might fall on you, or anything protruding from the wall over your bed while you are sleeping.

Having a bedroom that does not look like a bedroom. Bedrooms should be goal oriented - sleep and maybe romance. Offices in the bedroom make sleep and romance very unlikely to occur. This is one of the reasons why computers do not belong in the bedroom. If you are having trouble sleeping because you have bills on your mind, make sure you do not store your bills or pay your bills in your bedroom. Same for schoolwork. And children's bedrooms that look like toy stores have too much Yang energy (awake) and are too much fun to sleep in. Televisions are only a problem for people who have problems sleeping.

Stagnant energy (stale energy that does not move, a form of negative energy) in the bedroom. It is easy to forget to clear the energy in the bedroom. You can clear energy by burning
candles or incense, ringing bells or gongs, spraying aromatherapy sprays, using natural crystals, or many other methods. If you are not sure of how
to space clear using the other tools, there is nothing simpler or quicker than aromatherapy sprays.

Good Day,
Rose Sheepskill 

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