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Friday, March 5, 2010

Snore No More Pillow

Rose knows there are a number of products on the market that help eliminate snoring. One product is a pillow that touts the fact that it will help you to stop snoring. How does this product work? If you sleep on your back and use this anti-snoring pillow, you will snore a lot less. It induces the snorer to sleep with their head titled to the side by gently lifting and shifting the head to decrease the potential obstruction of their airway passages.

Does it work? Yes and no…Dr. Narcolepsy has tried and used an anti-snoring pillow on many of his patients while doing a sleep study at his clinic. When using a snore no more pillow along with a snoring mouthpiece he found that many patients don’t snore at all. Using the pillow alone worked about 50% of the time. A snoring mouthpiece holds the tongue in place so it doesn’t fall back into the mouth during the night, while the pillow lifts the head to open the airway. Most of his patients suffer from sleep apnea and have a weak soft palate causing the tongue to fall back against the uvula that creates the vibration or snoring. Those that have a stronger soft palate may only need a snore no more pillow to do the job.

If you try an anti-snoring pillow and it doesn’t completely solve your snoring problem then maybe you need another snoring remedy. Other lifestyle factors that can contribute to snoring are; a poor diet, lack of exercise, being overweight and alcohol consumption. Being overweight can add excess fat and weight to the neck and studies show that losing just 10% of your weight will help reduce the pressure on your neck and open up your airway. Alcohol could also be part of the cause, especially if you have a weak soft palate, as alcohol will relax your throat muscles even more. Try to eliminate alcohol at least 2-3 hours before bedtime. Some medication could also play a part in weakening your muscles. If you are on medication and snore, consult with your physician as he may offer alternative medication or treatment.

Snore no more pillows are made with varying densities of hypoallergenic memory foam which will support your head and neck. Care: hand wash and air dry. With any memory foam product you will notice a factory smell which will dissipate over time. There are many anti-snore pillows on the market check on line for product descriptions and reviews. You will find that companies carry pillows for those snorers that sleep on their side and well as on their back. If snoring is a result of sleep apnea you many need a CPAP machine. Contact your physician if you feel your snoring is causing any additional health concerns.

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