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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) Membership

Providing sleep medicine and sleep research professionals with the Support, Science, Education, and Networking that you need.

Support Support

The AASM provides our members with support through the monitoring of relevant legislation and health policy in the field, as well as through the development of practice management resources for your facility.

Legislation and Health Policy
Benefit from the AASM’s involvement as health policy issues are developed and reviewed. At the national level, the AASM has maintained a strong influence with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and in issues involving professional liability insurance and Medicare billing compliance. The AASM is also actively involved in state issues regarding licensure for sleep technologists, drowsy driving and more.

Practice Accreditation
Earn the gold standard in the sleep medicine field by having your sleep center accredited by the AASM. As an AASM member, you will receive a multitude of resources to aid your practice throughout the accreditation process.

Practice Management
Get substantial discounts on valuable practice management resources such as reference manuals, slide sets, webinar archive CD-ROMs and more. The AASM regularly releases new and updated products in an effort to provide our members with most timely and relevant information available.

Cutting-Edge Information Science

As the professional medical association for sleep medicine, the AASM is committed to improving patient care through the development, support and publication of sleep-related research.

Practice Parameters and Clinical Guidelines
Receive early notification when the AASM releases new practice parameters and clinical guidelines that set standards for the field. The evidence based practice parameters and consensus-based clinical guidelines provide clinicians with a framework for the assessment and management of sleep disorders.

Receive free online access and print subscriptions to the peer-reviewed journals, SLEEP and the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine (JCSM). The journals each serve to satisfy two basic needs of sleep professionals: SLEEP presents the latest in sleep research, while JCSM covers best practices in the clinical setting.

Sleep Research Support
Benefit from the AASM’s efforts to increase funding and awareness for sleep research through contact with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and advocacy of increased funding for the NIH through Congress.

Education and Training Education

Members receive significant discounts on all AASM educational opportunities and products. Offered in a variety of formats and at different educational levels, these resources are of value to all medical professionals interested in sleep medicine.

Webinars & Courses
Receive substantial discounts on registration to any of the webinars and courses in the AASM’s Sleep Education Series. Webinars and courses are held throughout the year covering the topics of greatest relevance to the field.

SLEEP Annual Meeting of the APSS
Save up to 40% on registration to the leading educational event in the fields of sleep medicine and sleep research.

Earn CME or CE credits through several of the AASM’s educational opportunities.

Members-Only Updates
Stay informed on new developments in the field through weekly e-mail updates and access to the Members-Only section of the AASM Web site that contains information on government relations, health policy, sleep medicine coding and reimbursement and more.

Networking Opportunities Networking

The AASM brings together physicians, researchers, nurses, technologists and other professionals of all backgrounds and career paths to share their perspectives, resulting in an ongoing conversation about sleep disorders research, diagnosis, treatment and management.

Membership Directory
Receive a copy of this vital networking tool that makes your contact information available to colleagues both in the United States and abroad.

Sections and Committees
Interact with other members who share your interests, and make valuable contributions to the field by participating in one or more of the AASM’s sections and committees.

Online Discussion Forums
Communicate through multiple online discussion forums where members can post questions, experiences, ideas and other information of immediate relevance.

Online Job Board Listings
Search for job openings or fill an open position at your facility through the AASM online Job Board. AASM members receive discounts on all job postings for their facilities.

Join online or download the membership application to join by fax or mail. For more information about membership, contact the membership department at 708-492-0930 or AASMmembership@aasmnet.org.

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