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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Is Your Dog Keeping You Awake

By Catherine V. Testaratti

Rose knows that dogs are people too! We have heard that before and you might not realize how true it can be. As a new dog owner, you might need to know that you have to do more then feed, water and pet the dog.

We humans forget that we can not treat our dogs like people, and most of the time this is what is causing our problems with our dogs. We get a new puppy; they are so cute so we let them sleep with us like a baby. This creates the first of many problems.

The trouble begins as owners try and put the dog out of the bed and the room. The barking, they roam the house whining or scratching at the door and now you've created a monster. Before you know it, no one in the house is sleeping so now what do you do?

Dogs can feel anxieties as we humans can. Sometimes your dog might be suffering from separation anxiety when he exhibits the whining and barking behavior when you are trying to separate them from the rest of the family at bedtime. Just moving his bed to your room or crating him in your room will solve this problem.

Sleeping problems can be eliminated if you will crate your dog. Training them from the beginning that the crate is a safe place for them to go at bed time is a good thing. I know you feel bad doing this but remember is a good place for the dog and can help with the sleeplessness.

If you have room and can provide a good home for another dog, some pet owner's opt to get a friend for their restless pups. Adoption is always a good thing when you can provide a great home for an abandoned dog. The dogs will tire themselves out playing during the day and help everyone sleep at night.

Having a dog that is anxious and needy can also mean that they are not getting enough exercise. Exercising dogs, especially the hyper dog, is critical to a good night's sleep. Work your dog's exercise regime in with yours for a happier, tired dog.

As pet owners we need to be responsible for taking out dogs out for walks. Just because there is a yard for them to run free does not mean they are getting exercise. Running with your dogs or playing with them in a park or the yard is a good way to get them tired enough to sleep at night!

We can't stress the importance of exercise enough. Dogs enjoy time with the family as well as the other dogs in the park. Getting out with your dog letting them visit with other dogs or just walking through the neighborhood is a great way to keep your dog happy.

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